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GREATECH focuses on welding & cutting, it has a professional team with more than 15 years of experience in this industry. The product of GREATECH covers various welding materials, welding machines, welding parts, plasma power sources, cutting machines and related hardware and tools.


GREATECH has its own advanced technology. Our Plasma cutting machine EMC-130 is the biggest air plasma cutting power source in the world. EMC-130’s maximum cutting current is 130A (100% duty circle), it can work 24 hours continuously, the maximum pierce thickness reaches 25mm, and quality pierce thickness 20mm. EMC-130’s maximum cutting current is 5A higher than Hypertherm Powermax125, and 10A higher than Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 120, maximum pierce thickness and quality cutting thickness equal or bigger than them. Cutting quality is very similar, and cutting cost is much lower.


Our CNC Plasma Water Mist Cutting power source, EMC-200M etc, with self-developed water mist cutting system and plasma cutting torch, have excellent performance in stainless steel and aluminum plate cutting, especially in aluminum plate cutting, our machine is one of the best in the world.


Our WECUT brand Digital Pulse MIG Machine has a complete series of options, from portable single pulse MIG 280A to water cooling double pulse MIG 500A, with stable quality and fashion design, it has excellent performance in stainless steel and aluminum alloy welding, and has very good market response both from domestic and overseas.


Our quality of aluminum alloy welding wires is one of the best in China, as well as flux cored welding wires, the export volume of them is among the top of the list in our area. Our MIG, TIG, Plasma torch and spare parts as well as other welding & cutting related products, as a big variety and stable quality, has very good sales in overseas, and our WECUT brand welding parts has already entered in Asia, Europe and American market.


GREATECH focuses on welding and cutting, however, GREATECH is more than just welding & cutting. 


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